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Connecting securely to Microsoft OneDrive with WebDAV

With WinSCP you can easily upload, manage or backup files on your Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage over WebDAV protocol.

Before starting you should have the latest version of WinSCP installed.



Find out your “OneDrive customer ID”:

  • In your web browser, login to your OneDrive.
  • After you log in, your URL should be like:
    The ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP part is your “customer ID”. Select it and copy it to the clipboard.

Start WinSCP. Login dialog will appear. On the dialog:

  • Make sure New site node is selected.
  • On the New site node, select WebDAV protocol and TLS/SSL Implicit encryption.
  • Enter into the Host name box.
  • Enter your Microsoft account username/email into the User name box.
  • Password:
    • If you do not have “Two-step verification” enabled for your Microsoft Account, enter your Microsoft account password into the Password box.
    • If you have the “Two-step verification” enabled, create new app password and enter it into the Password box.
  • Press the Advanced button to open Advanced site settings dialog and go to Environment > Directories page.
  • Paste your “OneDrive customer ID” into the Remote directory box and add a slash in front of it, i.e. like /ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP.
  • Submit the Advanced site settings dialog with the OK button.
  • Save your site settings using the Save button.
  • Login using the Login button.


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