How do I connect to my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?


To use WinSCP with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you need to have OpenSSH installed on it. You can get it installed for example by:


Connect via WI-FI

To connect, specify on WinSCP Login dialog:

  • IP address of your iOS device into Host name (You will find the IP address, if you go to yours iPhone/iPod Touch menu Settings > Wi-Fi and choose the network you are using);
  • root into User name;
  • alpine or dottie (depends on firmware version) into Password;
  • You may need to set longer Server response timeout on Connection page of Advanced Site Settings dialog (use Advanced button to open the dialog);
  • Keep default SFTP File protocol;
  • Click Login.

Note that when connecting via WI-FI it is recommended to turn off auto-lock as WI-FI connection gets interrupted when device locks. To turn off auto-lock go to Settings > General > Auto-lock.

If you need more detailed description follow to:

Further Reading

If you are having problems connecting, check list of common error messages.

Once you connect, you may wonder how to do … on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?


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