WinSCP Plugins to File Managers

WinSCP is also available as a plugin to Altap Salamander file manager. In the past there was also version for FAR Manager.

WinSCP plugins, together with integrated features of the file managers, implement most of the WinSCP application functionality, and even more.


Plugin to Altap Salamander

Altap Salamander is a small and fast two-pane shareware file manager with open plugin architecture.

WinSCP plugin to Altap Salamander is part of the Altap Salamander package. The plugin is currently outdated.

Plugin to FAR Manager

FAR Manager is a Norton Commander-influenced opensource text-mode file and archive manager.

WinSCP plugin to FAR Manager was discontinued. It was replaced by NetBox plugin, also based on WinSCP code base. The NextBox plugin is distributed with a main FAR Manager package.

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