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Exchange Files Over Internet

This guide contains simplified description of exchanging files over Internet with WinSCP.


Before Starting

Before starting you should have WinSCP installed.

Shared file storage

To exchange files with WinSCP you need a file server to store the files to. If you need to exchange files securely you have to look to SFTP/SSH or at least FTPS server. Otherwise FTP server is enough. You have these options when finding/setting up a server:

  • You may already have a suitable server if you have a webhosting;
  • You can turn your Windows workstation into a file server – You can install an optional OpenSSH SSH/SFTP server or Windows FTP server (the IIS).
  • You may also setup a dedicated server for the purpose. This task is out of scope of this topic, however note that all Unix/Linux operating systems include an SSH/SFTP server already (usually OpenSSH).

Exchanging Files

For actual file exchange, you have two options:

Further Reading


  1. Downloads are similar. See documentation of all the file management tasks.Back
  2. This would require additional setup of secure web server if you need secure exchange.Back

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