FileTransferProgressEventArgs Class

Provides data for file transfer progress event.


Namespace: WinSCP


Public NotInheritable Class FileTransferProgressEventArgs
    Inherits EventArgs


Name Description
bool Cancel Set to true to cancel the transfer.
int CPS Transfer speed (bytes per second). Read-only.
string Directory Source directory of file being transferred. Read-only.
string FileName A full path to a file being transferred. Read-only.
double FileProgress Progress of current file transfer (0-1). Read-only.
ProgressOperation Operation Currently, it can only have one value, ProgressOperation.Transfer. Read-only.
double OverallProgress Overall progress of whole transfer batch (0-1). Read-only.
ProgressSide Side Origin of the transfer. ProgressSide.Local for uploads, ProgressSide.Remote for downloads. Read-only.


This class is used by Session.FileTransferProgress event.

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