TransferEventArgs Class

Provides data for file transfer event.



Namespace: WinSCP

Public NotInheritable Class TransferEventArgs
    Inherits FileOperationEventArgs


Name Description
ChmodEventArgs Chmod Result of setting permissions of remote files. Used for uploads only and only, if setting permissions was requested (see TransferOptions.FilePermissions). Read-only.
string Destination Full path to target file of the transfer (local path for downloads, remote path for uploads). Read-only.
SessionRemoteException Error Error (if any) that occured during operation. null, if operation succeeded. See also Capturing results of operations. Read-only. (Inherited from OperationEventArgs.)
string FileName Full path to a file that is subject of the operation. Read-only. (Inherited from FileOperationEventArgs.)
string Length Number of bytes transferred.
RemovalEventArgs Removal Result of removing source file. Used only, if removing source file was requested (see remove argument of Session.GetFiles and Session.PutFiles). Read-only.
ProgressSide Side Origin of the transfer. ProgressSide.Local for uploads, ProgressSide.Remote for downloads. Read-only.
TouchEventArgs Touch Result of setting timestamp. Used for uploads only and only, if setting timestamp was requested (see TransferOptions.PreserveTimestamp). Read-only.


This class is:



See overall example for WinSCP .NET assembly or Session.SynchronizeDirectories.

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