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thank you!

with this put:
"put -resumesupport=off ""$input\*"" "

It was successful after all.

Re: WinSCP 5.17.5 - sftp - emtpy filename on scripted upload

It should be:
"put ""$input\*"" "".\"" -resumesupport=off"

Or even
"put ""$input\*"" -resumesupport=off"

"put ""$input\*"" ""."" -resumesupport=off"


WinSCP 5.17.5 - sftp - emtpy filename on scripted upload

Dear Support,

i am facing a problem of empty file names when using winscp with command line. Here the details:

1) I am using a windows powershell script to select, filter, zip and move files. In the move step, winscp is called via command line.
2) this is my command line:

'C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\' /log="\\PATH\WinSCP.log" /loglevel=0 /ini=nul /command "open sftp://USER@IP-ADRESS:PORT/incoming/TEST/ -hostkey=""xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"" -privatekey=""\\PATH\key.ppk"" -rawsettings KEX=""dh-group14-sha1,ecdh,dh-gex-sha1,rsa,WARN,dh-group1-sha1"" CacheDirectories=0" "put ""$input\*"" ""$deliveryDirectoryPath"" -resumesupport=off" "exit"
(anomyzed path, user, ip adress)

i turned resumesupport off, as the receiving server does not allow .fileparts due to the use of a file watch service.

3) the winscp log states that the transfer is successfull - and I can confirm this BUT the file on the destination server seems to have no filename. attached find the log file with debug modus on.
4) is there anything i can add to the command line to make the transfer successfull? The weird thing is, that the transaction via the user gui works.
5) this is the referring log entry on the destination server:

2020/06/10 15:09:08;;236930;8f92e5f16211accd0b697bb72bc06615;OK;TransID: 5298790
(format: Date Time;filename;size;ID;successfulltransfer?;transID) - the filename is empty!
when i do it via gui the log from the destination server looks like:

2020/06/10 15:15:10;D2DPRINTPS_DEV_20200610150845.7z;236930;8f92e5f16211accd0b697bb72bc06615;OK;TransID: 5298893