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Accidentally moved a folder on remote server - is option for confirmation available

Have been using WinSCP for ages - and I finally did it - moved a folder accidentally and killed my server in the process - now doing a bare-metal restore and feeling like a complete idiot. If the server had trashed immediately I might have figured that I'd actually stuffed it - but as server checked out I just thought I'd imagined it until prompted to do a a maintenance reboot and then all hell broke out.

So went looking for a way where I could set on Confirmations for remote folder move or delete - but couldn't find where to enable such a feature - probably only put it on move as delete involves more keystrokes, but move can happen when you are just setting up for a double click and not paying enough attention (my stupidity proves this is true)

Anyone able to point out where said preferences/settings might be - I've had a reasonable look afore asking - but its been a rough week - so I thought I'd just ask

Thanks in advance