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Hi Martin
global change for all session works fine.
I Think FontHeight is the good keyword for specifics change. I'll try later if need.
thanks for your useful answer

font size on putty

I use winscp on window 10 pro with putty (rev up to date).

Is there a way to tell winscp to force the font size on the putty opened session

I don't want to creat a specifique putty config for each machine.

I want to use the winscp automatique created temporary session, whish should be able to force a font size.

I didn't find any spécifiques params for this on the winscp session config.

I tryed to pass a putty cmd line option (-fn "Monospace 12" for exemple) in the winscp session param environnement/putty parametres.

but it seams that the windows version of putty didn't recognize the -fn param (it works fine on linux version) I tried it on power shell. -> "cmdline Error"

anybody know a way to avoyd me to create a new putty session for each winscp session ?