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Re: using .NetAssembly to remove folder

Because that's not a valid PowerShell code. It looks more like C#, but it's not valid C# either.
Also with Session.RemoveFile, do not use RemotePath.EscapeFileMask.

It should be like:

(assuming you have $session variable with an instance of Session class)

Using .NET assembly to remove folder

I have an SFTP site were files are delivered in a folder, were the folder name would be the previous day date. If it's 8th October the folder would be 20201007. After that the files are downloaded, I need to remove the folder with all of its contents.

I configured the below variables in the script
$yesterday = (Get-date).AddDays(-1)
$timestamp = $yesterday.ToString("yyyyMMdd")

Then I'm trying to remove the folder using the below command

I'm being prompted /folder/$timestamp isn't recognized.