RemotePath Class

Performs operations on string instances that contain file or directory path.

This class is included in recent versions only. Most of its methods are present as member methods in Session class in previous versions. The member methods in Session class are obsolete now and will be removed in some future version.


Namespace: WinSCP

public sealed class RemotePath
Public NotInheritable Class RemotePath


Name Description
AddDirectorySeparator Adds trailing directory
Combine Combines strings into a remote path.
CombinePaths Combines strings into a remote path.
EscapeFileMask Converts special characters in file path to make it unambiguous file mask/wildcard.
GetDirectoryName Returns the directory information for the specified path string.
GetFileName Returns the file name and extension of the specified path string.
TranslateLocalPathToRemote Generates a remote path equivalent of a local path, given root paths.
TranslateRemotePathToLocal Generates a local path equivalent of a remote path, given root paths.


Use the class as a static one (all methods are static). The class is not declared as static, only to allow its use over COM interop.

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