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Re: The URL weblink generator

You do not have to install it, it's installed by default:
This is an official WinSCP extension and is distributed in WinSCP installer.

If you do not have it for whatever reason, check the documentation:

Re: The URL weblink generator

I am kind of lost in this matter how to install the HTTP URL Extension in WinSCP and make it workable. How do i add the command "Generate HTTP URL" in Preferences/Commands? It is not clear to me. And when it is done how do i install "Generate HTTP URL" extension in WinSCP? I guess i have to copy this code somewhere -

I am sorry for these questions, but i am not so skilled in such operations with WinSCP. This is something new for me. Can you help me with some step by step manual?


Re: The URL weblink generator

Thanks for the link. But how do i create the weblink for concrete file on the server? When i right-click on the file, there is no option such as 'create the URL weblink' in the context menu. So how does it work, please?

Anyway, the right-click context menu option will be great for this feature (incl. for multiple selected files).

The URL weblink generator

Hello there,

i found one feature that will be great with WinSCP: the URL weblink generator.

I work with online contents (for example music files) and i need to generate an URL weblink for each file. I do it manually or i can use this website for example. But it will be extremely useful to have this function in WinSCP.

What do you think about this, please?