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@some2lovewisp: I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

I have created a feature request...
Enable parallel transfers with SFTP file encryption

I've been using this "bug" day-to-day for a year – so I made a donation. Please don't break my bug! :)

If you guys ever happen to update the tool to enable parallel transfers, that would be amazing, and I really think you'd see a lot of useful use-cases for it.

Is there a feature request to implement parallel transfers with file encryption, or is it possible for me to open one?

The file encryption is not implemented to support parallel transfers. It may result in unencrypted files or duplicated encrypted files.

Why is this not considered a feature, rather than a bug? It's extremely useful.

This is actually how I operate on a daily basis. It allows for a seamlessly encrypted documentation/development environment.

In combination with an encrypted local tmp folder, the files are encrypted at rest, in transit, and on the server. It's an elegant solution to secure documentation/development.

Please don't fix this "bug"!

Re: Tested - Fixed, but internal editor still shows "read-only" and does not allow editing.


I'm not sure what you mean by "the file encryption do not allow uploads from external editors".

With file encryption enabled, editing existing files with external editors works great, as does uploading new files.

Re: Tested - Fixed, but internal editor still shows "read-only" and does not allow editing.

The Internal editor should be read-only for encrypted sessions only.
But the sessions with the file encryption do not allow uploads from external editors either (though it cannot make the external editors read-only obviously).
Are you using the file encryption?

Tested - Fixed, but internal editor still shows "read-only" and does not allow editing.

I have tested this bug, and editing is fixed with external editors, but one odd thing I noticed is that the Internal Editor is showing files as read-only and not allowing editing.

I don't normally use the internal editor, so I'm not sure if this issue is unrelated or if there's a separate option for that somewhere.

Files not uploading when editing


I noticed another older topic where someone replied recently about this issue and you said to make a new topic. So I'm doing that as well.

Basically when I edit a file on a remote system in Sublime Text and save it it's not auto uploading. When I edited it with the internal editor it seemed to upload fine.

This only started happening after I updated to the latest WinSCP version which I think was an RC that it wanted to auto update to.

I downloaded and installed the latest version of WinSCP from the Download page 5.17.10 (Build 11087) and it works fine there.

I attached some screenshots of the Editor preference screen.