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Re: Second Microsoft Store release

@jfranki: Thanks!

Re: Second Microsoft Store release

I reported it, but only after I almost paid for it thinking it was the original.
I hope it is removed soon and Microsoft deletes that account, because this "developer" is getting some of your hard earned money.

That said, keep up the good work! Your software has served me well over the years and I'm happy to support it.

Re: Second Microsoft Store release

Thanks for your post. Please report the app to Microsoft (there's "Report this product" link in the store page).
(I did report it already myself).

Second Microsoft Store release


I just saw that there is a second package for WinSCP in the Microsoft Store.
I don't know if it's legit or scam, but it's not good to have the same product twice nonetheless.
"WinSCP - SFTP, WebDAV, SCP and FTP client for Windows" by "Watch App"
(link removed not to promote the scam)

Just wanted to report, couldn't find anything related via the search. =)