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Re: Supportability of WinSCP with SAP after SFTP weak Key Exchange Algorithm Disablement

We do not support old versions of WinSCP. You should upgrade in any case. WinSCP 5.9.6 is over 4 years old.

Having that said, I believe it should continue working, as I believe it supports at least one of the algorithms from each set.

Supportability of WinSCP with SAP after SFTP weak Key Exchange Algorithm Disablement

Hi everyone,

We have some automated functions that connect using WinSCP v5.9.6 to a SAP Successfactors SFTP server and they've recently communicated that they will be making some changes early next year by disabling support for "diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1" and only allowing clients with certain Ciphers, MACs and KEX Ciphers to be able to connect to their SFTP server. Here is a link to their article:

So would anyone know if WinSCP Client version 5.9.6 (Build 7601) will be able to support this and still be able to connect to SAP's SFTP server? If not then what would be the best course of action? do I need to specifically change a configuration in the client or download the latest WinSCP client version or something else?

I'm not very familiar with ciphers and algorithms, but from what I've been reading here, and from what I've checked on the config of our WinSCP client, it appears it will be ok without needing to do a thing but would be great if someone could cross-check this to confirm with me.