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Re: Changing to arbitrary directory

martin wrote:

but why use more complicated way? :-)

Being able to type the path directly in the "combobox" would be an even simpler way (exactly like an Explorer user would expect). :wink:


Re: Changing to arbitrary directory

For Norton Commander interface: Remote\Go To\Open Directory/Bookmark.
For Explorer-like interface: View\Go To\Open Directory/Bookmark.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+O in both interfaces. For Norton Commander interface, you must have remote panel selected, otherwise you'll change local directory (left panel).

There is also button for this on toolbar ("opened folder" icon").

Console-way described above, would work too, but why use more complicated way? :-)

You can...

Press ctrl-t (to bring up the console), and type
cd path/to/some/folder/

Changing to arbitrary directory

It would be nice if there was the ability (like in Windows Explorer) to change to an arbitrary directory by typing the directory name. It is cumbersome to have to navigate to root and down to the path I want.