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Main Window (Explorer Interface)

With Explorer interface WinSCP looks similar to a normal Microsoft Windows folder (Windows File Explorer). Unlike with Commander interface, only remote directory is shown. To transfer the files you typically use drag&drop between WinSCP and Windows File Explorer.

Learn if this interface is appropriate for your needs.


Screen Components

The screen of the interface has several components. Some of them are hidden by default. They are (from the top to the bottom):

You can show/hide most of these components from the View menu or using context menus.

Using the Interface

As the interface can be used in the same way as Windows File Explorer, you should probably be able to start using it straight away.

Basic Tasks

Check what you can do with the interface.


Keyboard shortcuts

Basic keyboard shortcut of the interface follows the shortcuts known from Windows File Explorer.

See full list of keyboard shortcuts in Explorer interface.

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