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@Rohan: Yes, in place of the "Your command 1" ` and "Your command 2" ` lines. Note that there was a typo in my answer. The lines should end with `, not ^ (I've corrected my previous post).

Hi, if that is worked
Where to put "put C:\Reports\myfile.csv /usr/share/csv" ^ this line? After open sftp line?
Kindly help

Thanks I got it all working.

Help with PowerShell script to copy file from Windows folder to Linux Folder


I'm currently using WinSCP (GUI) to manually copy a single .csv file from a Windows directory to a Linux directory. I now need to set this up as a schedule in Windows Scheduler as it needs to run every 10mins.

I used the Generate Session code for PowerShell but it only creates part of it as seen here:
& "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" `
  /log="C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.log" /ini=nul `
  /command `
    "open sftp://copyuser1:password%21@ -hostkey=`"`"ssh-ed25519 255 A1i189222n9cijblOCqz/Yk9FUXo/wstTNqyhp9VE=`"`"" `
    "Your command 1" `
    "Your command 2" `
$winscpResult = $LastExitCode
if ($winscpResult -eq 0)
  Write-Host "Success"
  Write-Host "Error"
exit $winscpResult

I want it to copy from this source to the destination.

Source Windows location = C:\Reports\myfile.csv

Destination Linux Location = usr\share\csv

Can someone help me fill in the gaps/commands?