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Failure to upload file

I have been using WinSCP for years and have been very happy with it. Beginning about 3 hours ago today, it is failing to upload files to my web server. More specifically, it is failing intermittently on some accounts and consistently on one (of course, the one I use the most!).
I have been using the latest version (5.21.2) and my web sites are hosted by 1&1/Ionos. Nothing there has changed.
I spent 2.5+ hours on the phone with Ionos tech support today. They have no idea what the problem is and they can not replicate it.
If I delete the file from the server and then re-upload it, the WinSCP progress box shows two green bars completely full, the progress queue says 100% uploaded, but the server then shows the file name, but an empty file (0 bytes).
I tried to edit the file, copy/paste the contents and save it, but it did not save and still showed 0 bytes.
I have not changed any setting on the server or in WinSCP, but when I try to connect to other sites, it tells me the stored password failed and asks for a password. I enter the same password as that which is stored, and it connects successfully, though there is often a long delay before the server file directory appears.
I have enable logging and have attached the file (WinSCP.log).
The file I am trying to upload is HomePage.php. It is 36,835 bytes. Look for the 6th occurrence of this file name in the log.
I am at a loss as to the problem or how to fix it. Any genius who comes up with the solution will earn my undying gratitude!
Hank Lubin