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Re: Doesn't save sites

There's latest version of WinSCP in the Microsoft Store. Are you sure that you have installed the official version? There are unfortunately many fake 3rd-party WinSCP versions in the Store.
Use the official one:

Where did you download it directly from? Why 5.19.5? That's not the latest version either.

Please make sure you have used the official channels to obtain WinSCP:

Doesn't save sites

Hi .. :-)

Perhaps my question is already answered before??
Just installed WinSCP from the Microsoft store .. but there is still an older version offered .. so donwloaded it directly (5.19.5)

But in both versions I'm not able to save the entered sites.
Put all the informations to the sitemanager, saved, logged in ... everything works fine!
Opening the sitemanager again, all folders and sites are lost .. it's empty.

Ahh ... just see ... starting WinSCP as an admin, it saves the sites ... Could be a problem of user rights?