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Re: Keepalive?

@metafaniel: The documentation is kept up-to-date all the time. That particular page was updated only three months ago. Though nothing about keepalives. Those options haven't changed in years. If you have a problem, we need to know more. You are probably looking at a wrong place. Please post a screenshot showing where are you looking at.

Re: Keepalive?

@martin: The documentation hasn't been updated in a long time... Those options are not present in the current version (v.5.2.x)
So the given option by zapping seems more plausible.


Thanks, that seems to do the trick.

Maybe you can try this Preferences->Panels->Remote->Refresh remote panel every n sec.


I have version 5.19.4 (Build 11829 202`1-10-24. When I use it to transfer files to another
computer it keeps shutting down after a few minutes if I'm not using it which is irritating.
I think there is a way to stop this from happening but I can't find where. Could someone let me know how to do this? Thanks