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Issue resolved with by changing the advance setting, go to connection under this header click on TLS/SSL set the min and Max to TLS/SSL 1.0 version from the drop down

Thanks Admin

So let's solve that problem instead. Post logs both from the old and the latest versions.

That is thing with latest version I am not able to connect to FTPS server. Whereas with 4.3.7 I am able to connect to same FTPS server.

Re: Date restriction for WinSCP 4.3.7

WinSCP 4.3.7 is over 10 years old! Do not use it. That also explains why the filemask=">=today" does not work.

Please use the latest version of WinSCP.

Date restriction for WinSCP 4.3.7

For WinSCP 4.3.7 the script is downloading the files the only issue filemask=">=today" is not working, as when i run the script all old files are downloaded to local folder as well.
option batch on
option confirm off
open Farcha
option transfer binary
synchronize local -filemask=">=Today;|*.tmp"  D:\FTP\RNC2  /bam/common/fam/famlogfmt/pchr