option command

Shows or sets value of script options.



option [ <option> [ <value> ] ]


If no parameters are specified, lists all script options and their values. When one parameter is specified only, shows value of the option. When two parameters are specified sets value of the option.

The default values shown below are defaults for the application. The initial values of some options can be different, if you share configuration with graphical mode.

Options are:

Option Values and description
echo off|on
Toggles echoing of command being executed.
Commands affected: all
Default: off
batch off|on|abort|continue
Enables batch mode. In batch mode, any choice prompt is automatically replied and any input prompt is cancelled (after short time interval).
In batch mode, it is recommended to set confirm to off to allow overwrites.
When batch mode is set to on any choice prompt is automatically replied negatively. Unless the prompt has a different default answer (such as a default “Reconnect” answer for a reconnect prompt), in what case the default answer is used (after a short time interval). See also a reconnecttime option below.
Value abort is like on. In addition, the script is aborted, when any script command fails or any choice prompt is replied with “Abort” answer (or similar).
When set to continue any choice prompt is automatically replied with “Skip”, “Ignore” or similar answer.
Enabling batch mode sets reconnect time (reconnecttime option below) to 120 seconds, if it is not set yet.
Commands affected: nearly all
Default: abort for commands specified using /script or /command; off for commands specified on input.
confirm off|on
Toggles confirmations (overwrite, etc.).
Commands affected: get, put
Default: off for commands specified using /script or /command; on for commands specified on input.
reconnecttime off | <sec>
Sets time limit in seconds to try reconnecting broken sessions. Value off removes any time limit.
Reconnect time is set implicitly to 120 seconds, when batch mode (batch option above) is enabled.
Commands affected: get, put, synchronize, keepuptodate
Default: off
failonnomatch off|on
Toggles whether commands fail when a wildcard used to select files for an operation matches no files or when directory synchronization does not find any difference.
Commands affected: get, put, rm, mv, chmod, ls, lls, ls, synchronize
Note that the option does not affect -filemask switch of get and put commands.
Default: off


Note that resetting the same option overwrites a previous value, it does not append.


option batch
option confirm off

Converting to .NET Assembly

When converting script to .NET Assembly, map options as follows:

Options Mapping
echo Irrelevant for .NET assembly.
batch Read about mapping scripting modes to .NET assembly.
confirm .NET assembly is non-interactive, so confirmations are always off.
reconnecttime Set Session.ReconnectTime.
failonnomatch No explicit mapping. To check if mask matches any file, you have to retrieve directory listing and search the listing for matching files. For file transfers and synchronization, use a method return value, to check if the method performed any operation.

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