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Thank you. With SFTP version 3 it is working fine. Thanx. Anyway listing different directory from the same SFTP server, it shows correct size and changed date even SFTP version is set to 6 in WinSCP – strange.

Re: File size 0 and changed 30.12.1899

Ok, so I've scanned through whole log and I've found records of similar files.
Indeed your server does not send any size nor timestamps for any of the files.
While WinSCP might cope with that better (than by showing "30.12.1899" and zero size), there's no way it can show a really useful information there, as the server does not provide it.

The reason you can see the information in OpenSSH sftp might be that the OpenSSH supports SFTP version 3 only. While WinSCP supports SFTP up to version 6. Your server implements SFTP 6, so WinSCP uses that. But the server might have SFTP 6 implementation broken. Try forcing WinSCP to use version 3 in session settings:

File size 0 and changed 30.12.1899

I am having following problem – File size is 0 and changed is 30.12.1899 in remote SFTP directory.
Checking with SFTP from command line shows proper date and size.
WinSCP version 5.21.6.
Screenshots and log file attached.
Could you please help:
Thank you and BR,