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Dear Martin,

Thank you for the reply.
I believe that the (json) file in question has been created through

Since I'm unable to login through the generic S3 "Access Key ID" and "Secret" method, I'll attempt to use the API to upload files for my use case.

Thanks again.

Re: Connect to Google Cloud Storage using JSON file.

I do not know what JSON file it is. Is there some standard JSON credential file format for Google Cloud? In any case, WinSCP does not support Google Cloud natively, no matter what way you provide the credentials.

WinSCP can only connect to GCS Buckets via S3:
Accessing Google Cloud Storage bucket with WinSCP

Connect to Google Cloud Storage using JSON file.


I seem to be having difficulty figuring out how to get WinSCP to connect to a Google Cloud Storage bucket using credentials provided to me using a JSON file.
I have verified my credentials using the API and a vendor specific platform that can upload using the JSON file.

There doesn't seem to be an option anywhere in the GUI nor the .Net library to specify this way of authentication.
The provided page regarding Google Cloud Storage authentication only mentions an Access Key ID and Secret, with no mention of using a JSON file.

Is it possible to connect through WinSCP or should I just use the Google API instead to manage transfers?

Please advise.