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put command, -moveto folder

-delete is valuable for get and put because it ensures that every file is sent exactly once. No files are sent twice and no files are deleted and not sent. To gain feature parity with other clients (POSTXFER PXMOVE) I'd like a -moveto folder option added to the put command. I don't see any parallel to the get command.
put -moveto Done *.txt

(Each file successfully sent is moved to the Done folder.)

put -moveto Done -delete *.txt

(Same as above except if the move fails, the delete happens. This ensures that every put file is removed from the sending folder whether or not it can be moved.)

I shouldn't need to mention this but I will for completeness. It is imperative that the -delete and or -moveto be performed immediately after each file the server reports put complete. Delete and move actions cannot be collected to be batched after the transfer completes.