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So if there are only xls and txt files, you can do:
cd /home/user/dir1
lcd C:\local\path
get *.xls *.txt .\
mv *.xls *.txt child/

Thanks martin for your reply
I can make child to be another path /home/userchid
Also extension could be xls and txt
Thanks for support

Re: Get files and exclude subdirectories then move

To download the files use:
get -filemask=|*/ /home/user/dir1/*

How do I transfer (or synchronize) directory non-recursively?

Though the move part is more complicated, as the mv command does not support file masks, so you cannot exclude the subfolder.
Cannot you identify the files for example by an extension?
Cannot you move your child subfolder elsewhere (not under the dir1)?

Get files and exclude subdirectories then move

Dear team,
I need to get files from WinSCP exclude all subdirectory and then all files to subdirectory in WinSCP too
Example: /home/user/dir1/child
I want to get files from dir1 to local e:\ excluding child then move all files from dir1 to child