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Thanks for responding. I have enabled keepalives and will return here when the problem still exists.

Re: WinSCP logging off automatically

Something might have changed on your server or on the network.
Did you try to enable keepalives?
If this does not help, please post session log file.

WinSCP logging off automatically

Hi all,

I have been using WinSCP for 15+ years now, with great pleasure. I use it – among others – to connect to a local server I maintain, so it is active all of the time (I do not switch off this PC at night).

But suddenly, during the past few weeks, WinSCP is terminating unexpectedly, while not really active with transfering files, usually when I am not busy at the PC of course. Maybe that I have accidentally changed an option but I cannot find how to leave WinSCP up and running for ever again, as I used to do.

Could somebody please help me?

Kind regards,