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I extended it to 30 secs but that makes no difference. I have switched to Core FTP which works fine at present but I won't be surprised if it fails to connect eventually.
Malcolm Hood

I have turned off firewall and antivirus but the problem persists. My web host insists all my settings are correct. I can connect with FileZilla but it takes more than a minute to do so. I am reminded that this is why I switched to WinSCP probably about five years ago. In consultation with my web host we had WinSCP running fine earlier this week but it stopped working overnight without my having made any changes.
Malcolm Hood

Can't connect to server

Hi Guys
I've been having trouble connecting in the past few weeks despite years of reliable use.
I am using WinSCP v.5.21.7 on Windows 8.1
When attempting to connect with SFTP I get the following responses:
Searching for Host
Network Error: Connection timed out.

My web host confirms that my settings are correct. I can connect using FileZilla but I consider WinSCP the superior product so I'd like to continue with it. I've not changed any settings in recent weeks. Grateful for any advice.