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Thank you!
I will use the export/import function as you recommended. Did not know about that isolated registry thing. That explains why I did not find my new sites. Had only 1 site on 5.2 non MS Store version. Did a few reinstalls coz I couldn't figure out why my sites didn't save in the registry. Now I know. Thank you!

Re: Backup configuration files MS Store version

Yes it stores settings in registry. But Microsoft Store applications have its isolated registry. You cannot access it (at least not easily). But you can export/backup the settings by exporting an INI file, as with the regular installation:

Though, why would you reinstall the Store version?

Backup configuration files MS Store version

I bought 6.1 from MS Store but where does it store the config? In registry like the non MS Store version? If yes. Then I can just export my registry key as backup then restore it when reinstalling MS Store version? What do you think? Good idea?