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*Nods.* Thanks. We should note that in the software's UI, because it's not clear, and it leads to confusion.

In the future, for making the software even more useful than it already is, it may be a good idea to expand the functionality of the queue to work with the "keep directory up-to-date" feature as well.

The queue window can be a great place to manage/schedule updates -- to group them and rearrange them in sequence, so that the files are transferred when needed, and in the order arranged/instructed. This gives much finer control to the user over the update process.

It would turn WinSCP into quite a professional-level piece of software, that can be used in IT production environments.

Indeed, the queue is for manual transfers only.

My expectation was that every change/update during synchronisation goes through the queue -- including the ones in the "keep directory up-to-date" and synchronise fuctions. That the queue provides a way to control when updates are pushed live/across and a way to monitor the changes.

After all, that's the purpose that queues serve.

Now I'm not sure what the queue actually does, what purpose it serves. I take it that its role is limited to manual file transfers?

It's all a bit confusing, especially since the queue settings appear to be universal "transfer" settings in the preferences. That's what led me to think that something was wrong with my copy of the software, as no matter what I did, the changes performed during the two synchronise functions never passed through the queue, and I had no way to delay their immediate transfer until I have reviewed the changes to be applied.

What I'm missing is some way to track/queue the changes while using the "keep directory up-to-date" function, and to only push them live/across when I have personally reviewed them and approve them with the push of a button. Essentially, automatic edit tracking, and then a manual confirmation to push the changes across to the other side/server.

It's a more safe way to manage file transfers than leaving it up to the software to decide what needs to be pushed across when it wants to, and having no way to prevent unwanted changes to the server.

Sorry, I do not follow. Neither "Keep remote directory up to date" not "synchronize" functions use the queue.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the response.

I think you mean turn off (uncheck) "Enable queue processing by default", right? If I wish to approve/allow the queue to process at a later point, I need to have that option unticked in the settings. That's what the documentation says, as I understand it.

I've tried this, but it doesn't apply to neither "Keep remote directory up to date" function nor to the main "synchronize" function. The changes still go through automatically and instantly processed in the queue. It doesn't wait for my confirmation of when to send them over.

It only seems to work with manual transfers, despite it beign a general transfer setting.

Re: Queue changes, and push them live in a batch when the user says so

The very tracker entry you refer to contains links to the documentation.

You can either go to preferences and use Enable queue processing by default:
Or use (turn off) Process Queue toggle on the queue toolbar (or in the menu):

It was never possible to set "Maximal number of transfers at the same time" to zero.

Queue changes, and push them live in a batch when the user says so

Whatever happened to this feature?
Issue 29 – Optionally do not process queue unless explicitly requested

I can't seem to find "by default suspend new transfers" anywhere, and I can't set "maximal number of transfers at the same time" to 0 anymore in WinSCP 6.1.1.

Why was it removed? WinSCP is sorely lacking a way to keep track of and queue changes without sending them live instantly, allowing the user to review the update list and to push it live in a batch when ready.