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Thanks, I'll look into that.

Summary log after synchronization?


I'm using WinSCP to synchronize a local folder to a remote FTP server for backup purposes. This works great, but in my case creates a 300MB log file. I don't mind the size of this log file, and this log will be very useful for troubleshooting. But since it doesn't contain any kind of summary, it's completely useless for a daily at a glance check "what happened?" and "were there any problems?".

Robocopy (for example) provides a nice overview at the end of its log where it shows how many directories/files/bytes it copied/skipped/failed.

Is there any way to include a summary in the log?

For reference, this is how I start the synchronization:
WinSCP.exe /log=c:\Schedule\Log\StorageBoxBackup.winSCPLog /script=c:\Schedule\StorageBoxBackup_WinSCP.txt

And these are the contents of the script file (minus the credentials):
open sftp://[user]:[password]@[ftpserver]
option batch continue
synchronize remote g:\Data /Data -delete