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Re: "Hide typing" checkbox status is not being saved

This has been fixed in 4.0.4.

Re: "Hide typing" checkbox status is not being saved

Good point :-) Thanks!

"Hide typing" checkbox status is not being saved


First of I would like to thank the developer(s) for this great software! People like you make the opensource thrive on all platforms!

I've just downloaded the latest version of WinSCP (4.0.3) and encountered some slightly strange behaviour when connecting to a host: if I specify both the hostname and the username and click the "Login" button, the "Hide typing" checkbox is checked and thus the password is not revealed. But if in the login window I specify only the hostname, the "Hide typing" checkbox is not checked and the password is unveiled. The "Hide typing" checkbox state is not being saved between the sessions.

Is it possible to either make the "Hide typing" checkbox status to be saved between the sessions or to make it always checked by default?