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retroip wrote:

Or make "synchronize local" command with masking

option include *.log

Yes, I tested it but it not what i need.
With synchro command I need:
synchronize local logs\ /directory/somedirec/*_logfile.txt

I need just some log files, not entire directory because is too big.
So just two solutions:
And some timestamp check parameter to GET command like. GET /server/direc/*.log /localdir/ -checktimestamps
Or make "synchronize local" command with masking

Or is someting other possible ?

Sorry for my pure English (SVK)

Thanks for help

GET additions

Hello there,
Im daily downloading some logs via script (GET). My problem is that it downloads all files every time, could be somehow implemented to download only newest files and dont rewrite old files with same files, to keep download time low ?
Thank you