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How about now? Is this resolved?

Not yet. But I've raised a priority of the request.

What about now?

Not yet.

That was posted back in 2008. Does WinSCP have the ability to cease a sync if the remote directory is empty?

Thanks, that would be a very nice feature to have!

Re: Excluding empty directories in sync?

WinSCP does not allow that.

I have added this request to tracker.

Excluding empty directories in sync?

I'm using the WinSCP automation script to synchronize my images and videos from my digital camera to my NAS (for backup). Locally both images and videos are in the same subtree and also sometimes in the same directory. But on the NAS, I would like to separate them into a Videos/ and Images/ subdir.

I use an include/exclude option to sync:
option include "*/;*.jpg;*.tif"
synchronize remote "D:\Camera" "/share/Images"
option exclude "*/;*.jpg;*.tif"
option include "*/;*.avi;*.mov"
synchronize remote "D:\Camera" "/share/Videos"

Everything works like a charm, but one thing.. Some (remote) directories will be empty, since, of course, not all local directories contain both images and videos.

Is there a way to either not sync the empty directories (preferred) or remove them afterwards?