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Well that's true, though it is the remote shell than chokes on the double semicolon. Will see if more people struggles with this.

I see what the issue was, now that I could see the actual command sent (had to enable logging).

The issue was, I had put semicolons after each command, including the last command. But WinSCP apparently already handles the last semicolon for you, so it was choking on [command];; (it wanted something between the two consecutive semicolons).

Of course, perhaps you could check for a trailing semicolon when users save their custom commands. Just a thought.

Re: Custom Commands: Perform Multiple Commands on One Line

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Custom Commands: Perform Multiple Commands on One Line

I'd like to setup some custom commands that can do more than just one thing at a time. I have no problems doing this in the command line, using a semicolon to separate each command. Since this type of custom command chokes on semicolons, causing the connection to die and reconnect, I'd like to know if this is a bug that can be fixed, or if there's an alternate way to do multiple commands in one custom command in a WinSCP-friendly way?