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In FireFTP, an advanced setting for each session includes a Host address and directory for the "View on Web" function. Then you can right-click a file on the server to view on web and it appends the url and loads in the browser.

Re: Open in Web Browser?

There's technical reason why this cannot be done easily.

EDIT: There's extension for Generating HTTP URL.

How is this overcome in FireFTP?

Open in Web Browser?

I would like to have an "Open in Web Browser" option like when using FireFTP in Firefox. Is there a way to do this? I'm pretty new to this application, and have little knowledge of Scripting/Automation.

Using 4.3.3 (Build 1340)
Windows XP
Chrome is my primary browser
My htm and html files are not currently assigned to open with a browser, but open with notepad. (I perform lots of manual editing)