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I have to apologize for the false alarm, the bug it's still there. I will pay more attention before posting, sorry.

Whatever caused the bug, it seems it's not reproducible anymore with WinSCP 5.0.5.
Tracker Bug 763 is still open so I suppose it was some sort of side effect.

Re: Edit wont work on files bigger than 655535 bytes v.5.04

Thanks for your post.
This bug has been added to the tracker:

Under one can't edit anymore I understand one can't ad any more content, however he can delete and replace content, but simply try to hit enter or insert a new char will not work.

Edit wont work on files bigger than 655535 bytes v.5.04


While file is opened correctly, shown completely one can't edit anymore files bigger than 65535.
Tested with WinSCP v.5.04 build 1772 on windows xp 64