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Re: Unexpected directory listing - documented fix is not working

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Unexpected directory listing - documented fix is not working

Hi there. I'm trying to use WinSCP to get some data off my QNAP NAS, and have been encountering the following error whenever I try and view a directory with large files in it:

Error Listing Directory '/share/MD0_DATA/Disk Volume/Backups'
Unexpected directory listing line '-rw -rw -rw [filename/details]

I searched through a number of other threads and found some other users with the same problem (who like me cannot use the SFTP protocol which I understand solves my problem, and instead can only use SCP, a restriction of the NAS). Example - A solution was devised and documented as per this page:

And here's where I'm having problems. On that page linked above, it says:
to force inserting a space at given place, one can specify following custom listing command:

ls -la | sed "s/^.\{28\}/& /"

So in the interface I press Ctrl-T to bring up the Console and enter the code exactly - ls -la | sed "s/^.\{28\}/& /". In the black space below a full listing of all of the files appears, which is great, I know they're there. However the right-hand panel does not populate with the list of files, and when I close the Console and go to find the files to copy to my PC, the error message appears again. I just wanted to check that as a first time user of WinSCP, I'm not doing anything stupid or missing something obvious? Many thanks.