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I am comparing folders, one from that contain file. It is ok.
I step up by one level and then see "No difference found".
Version 5.17.9

Ok, thanks.

Oh, thank you !

I understand I should turn off filename modification.

However, I think I had an erroneous "No difference found" on directories without special filenames (in fact, WinSCP did not see there were missing subfolders in the target folder). If I encounter again something like this, I will complete this topic.

Best regards.



I have reproduced the bug on another folder : see screenshots : no differences found with the "Synchronize" command but the directory listed on each panel has different names (although similar)

Best regards

Re: Compare directory : Wrong "No difference found"

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Compare directory : Wrong "No difference found"


WinnSCP could be fanstastic for me, in order to obtain a NTFS image of a network drive.

But it happens that WinSCP does not see any differences on directories obviously different.

It happened for example on the "Users" folder from a drive : empty on the local drive, 5 folders on remote. The same inconstancies are found when using the "Synchronize ..." command. All files under "Users" are not found.

I fixed the problem by using another tool to copy the missing folders to the local NTFS target.

The setting is (not sure for labels, I use french version) :

  • from distant to local
  • mirror files
  • remove files
  • see changes
  • compare with file sizes only (as I have problems with I hour shift for some files, despite having checked "use DST" in the Environment tab in session dialog)

I use SFTP and the GUI to connect to the NAS (which is OpenMediaVault)