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How does that relate to WinSCP script?

But it seems that .Net framework uses above command.
Sorry if I am wrong.

Unknown command if

Hi guys,

I am executing script from windows using batch file and calling winscp internally, i want to perform conditional operation on linux server.
When I execute any if statement it gives me unknown command if.

Please help me, I just need to check if file exists on particular linux path, if not then move file from one linux path to above linux path.

If/else or if file exists commands possible?

I am using scripting and basically trying to first check if a file already exist. If it does, then I want to cancel the rest of the script. I can "fake" this by adding this to my script:

call if [ -d %MY_FILE_NAME% ]; then echo "Already using current version"; exit; fi

as that breaks the "session" and causes all other commands to just crap out with
No Session.
No Session.
No Session.
No Session.

but is it possible to have a clean exit from the winscp script itself?