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Looks like the dev build of 5.6 fixed this :D

Thanks Martin!


Sorry. I somehow missed this.
This is not new in 5.5.1. It's a special case of the previous bug that was explicitly omitted from fixing. As I found it originally difficult to fix and have not realized how easy is it to reproduce it.

Added to the tracker:

I'm sending you a dev build for testing.

Hello Martin!
(a little PING)

Apparently this bug is still present in 5.5.3 final.

- Focus a file in remote folder
- Transfer a file from local
- Select files remote using Shift+DownArrow/UpArrow, or Shift+LeftClick.
- All files above selected remote files is selected.

Like original bug, and quite dangerous if next command is to delete files... :shock:


Hello Martin!

Seems this bug is actually back in Winscp 5.5.1 and newer, tried with 5.5.2 as well as latest nightly (4141).

Same repro procedure :)


Thanks a lot Martin - that was fast :D

The debug build seems to have fixed it, will try a bit more during the day to recreate but have not been able so far. Nice 8)


EDIT; sent an email regarding possible regression.

Re: 5.2 beta - serious bug with selecting after remote refresh

I have sent you an email with a development version of WinSCP to address you have used to register on this forum.

Re: 5.2 beta - serious bug with selecting after remote refresh

Thanks for your report.

This bug has been added to the tracker:

5.2 beta - serious bug with selecting after remote refresh

not sure if possibly a known bug or not - I seem to recall seeing it for older versions as well in the 5 series. I've seen this for quite some time now, but not reported it, since I figured such a serious bug must surely be spotted? But I've not found any references when searching.

What happens is, after doing a refresh (ctrl+R or mouse), then selecting a range of files, Winscp selects *all* files from the top of the listing. This is potentially *very* dangerous if you for instance do delete after doing Shift+DownArrow to select two files.

- Focus remote listing
- Do refresh (ctrl+r/button)
- Select a range of files with Shift+click, Shift+Arrow Key.
- All files to top of listing is selected.

EDIT: Also occurs on Local panel.

This is on both Win7, Win2008 server and Win2003 server that I've managed to recreate it. Possibly affects all other OS.

Hope this can be fixed in 5.2 final?