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Re: Ignore pageant for individual session

martin wrote:

Sure, turn off Attempt Authentication Using Pageant:

Thank you very much, and accept my apologize, please. I have accidentally used very old version (3.7.6) which didn't have this feature yet, and I did not notice it.

Have a nice day.

Ignore pageant for individual session


is it possible to explicitly set up WinSCP in such way that it would ignore ssh agent (eg. Pageant) and use only username/password for connecting to sftp server?

I often have to transfer files from/to one specific SFTP server, which immediately refuses login as soon as client sends unknown keys to it ('Server sent disconnect message type 2 (SSH_DISCONNECT_PROTOCOL_ERROR): "key check failed"'). But I also need to keep Pageant running witch cached keys, because I even more often use PuTTY for connecting to other servers using my private SSH keys.

So it would be great if WinSCP could optionally authenticate using password-only (ie. if it would not even try to use Pageant and it's keys).