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Thanks ! :)

Leora45 wrote:

Niiiice ! I was just about to create a thread to ask for this improvement !

I have sent you a download link via email too.

Niiiice ! I was just about to create a thread to ask for this improvement !

Thanks for the so fast implementation :wink:


Wow, that was fast :shock:
Thanks a lot Martin, tried the dev build, works like a charm :)

It will be much easier to do this stuff with the keyboard shortcuts now.


Re: 5.5: Suggestion for dropdown "save as" dialog

Thanks for your suggestions. Will do.

Also the Clone command may actually remember the folder (and even site name).

5.5: Suggestion for dropdown "save as" dialog

Hello Martin :)

I have a suggestion for the dropdown dialogs in the new session management interface.

Here's my problem, I do this a lot:
- Select existing session, often in a folder
- Choose Edit and change hostname.
- Choose Save As and change just the name of session (user@hostname), so the folder is the same.

This behaviour is different from the "Clone" option since it lets you save in the same folder as the old session. I have a lot of folders and sessions for different environment and do this quite a lot so am dependent on a quick way of doing it using the keyboard.

My suggestion:
- Change shortcut for "Save As..." to ALT+A, which is consistent with standard Windows conventions.
- Change shortcut for "Advanced" to ALT+D, which is also pretty logical and should not interfere with other commands.

This way, I could quickly choose Save As when finished editing a new session.

Hope you can have a look at this, and wishing you all the best for the holidays and a Happy New Year! :)