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Re: WinSCP - Does it support POST data connection type ?

martin wrote:

Do you mean WebDAV?

Oops; what I meant was - Does WinSCP supports "Port" under Data connection type.

Earlier we were using CuteFTP for the same FTP. Under "Data Connnection Type" the value set is - PORT.

If we change it something else, we are not able to access FTP using CuteFTP.

But I dont see any such option in WinSCP.

I am not sure what WebDAV means?

Re: WinSCP - Does it support POST data connection type ?

Do you mean WebDAV?

WinSCP - Does it support PORT data connection type ?

Does WINSCP support PORT data connection type ?

I am getting error - Error listing directory.

When compared with other FTPs, only data connection type is different.

I am able to connect the same FTP using CuteFTP, but not with WinSCP.

Kindly help.