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Re: MLST Problem with .NET

Well your does not really follow specification. It declares support for MLSD "Feature" in FEAT response.

> 2014-05-16 11:08:27.342 FEAT
< 2014-05-16 11:08:27.357 211-Extension supported
< 2014-05-16 11:08:27.591 MLSD

There's no such "feature" in FTP. There's only MLST that declares support for BOTH MLST and MLSD commands, as per RFC 3659. As there are are few such FTP servers that incorrectly declare MLSD instead of MLST, WinSCP goes at least as far as to understand both MLSD and MLST "features". But no matter what feature the server declares, WinSCP interprets it as if the server supported both commands. The specification does not allow server to support one of them only.

Quoting RFC 3659, section 7.8:

Note that there is no distinct FEAT output for MLSD. The presence of
the MLST feature indicates that both MLST and MLSD are supported.

MLST Problem with .NET

Here is my log with the MLST error when logging into Wing ftp server

Re: MLST in Winscp.Net GetFiles Function

WinSCP uses MLST command in exceptional situations only. If you post a session log file, we might help you avoid it.

But note that FTP server must always support both MLSD and MLST command.

You can also avoid WinSCP using both MLSD and MLST and use LIST instead:

MLST in Winscp.Net GetFiles Function

The Ftp Server is Wing. It likes MLSD and not MLST command. GetFiles issues a MLST command and Wing rejects it and cancels the session. I can't change Wing and they don't want to change it. Is there some way I can have GetFiles bypass the MLST command so the session does not get cancelled?