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The FTP Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog)

The FTP page on the Advanced Site Settings dialog allows user to configure FTP protocol specific options.


To reveal this page you need to select FTP file protocol on Login dialog.

Refer to documentation of page sections:


You can optionally specify your account, if your FTP server requires that.

Post Login Commands

Use Post login commands to specify set of FTP protocol commands that should be issued automatically just after login. This is typically used to issue commands that change session configuration or state. For example to configure IBM Power Systems for Unix/WinSCP compatibility. Only commands that require no interaction with client can be used.

Other Protocol Options

The Use MLSD command for directory listing controls, if WinSCP uses MLSD or (deprecated) LIST command for directory listing and MLST or SIZE/MDTM for retrieving file properties.1 When set to Auto (preferred), WinSCP decides based on announced features of FTP servers. Use Off only, if server’s implementation of MLSD/MLST command has bugs; or if you need to display hidden files and your FTP server does not include them into MLSD listing.


The Support for listing of hidden files controls if WinSCP should use command LIST -a for directory listing to request listing of all (including hidden) files. You still need to enable showing hidden files to have them displayed actually. When set to Auto, WinSCP will try one time to use the -a switch, unless the server is known not to support it.2 If that fails (for whatever reason), it stops using the switch for current session. Some servers may not report an error even if they do not support the switch. This may result into empty directory listing. Disable the option if that happens. The option is not available, if MLSD command is used for directory listing, see above.

The Force IP address for passive mode connections controls, if WinSCP should use the external IP address of the FTP host instead the IP address provided by the server. This is useful when the IP address is translated (NAT). The option is available for passive mode only. When set to Auto, WinSCP uses the external IP address automatically, when the provided IP address is not routable.

The Use HOST command to select host on the server controls, if WinSCP should send HOST command to the server to select, which of virtual hosts, it is connecting to. Currently, an Auto option behaves as Off.

Check the Display all file revisions on VMS servers, if you want to display all file revisions in the file panel, when connected to a VMS server.

Further Reading

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