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Ok, thank you.

Thanks for the log. I've realized that it's actually an expected behavior. WinSCP does not follow symlinks to directories when downloading. With FTP protocol symlinks are not resolved and all are treated as pointing to a directory. So you cannot actually download a file via symlink with FTP protocol.

I have added request for improving this to a tracker:


log file is attached. What I did:
* Login to the server
* Switch to the directory /ecc/hsb/H54626891/
* Tried to download the file U828896.bff twice (both times nothing happened)

The connection was made through a proxy server, but the problem also occurs without proxy, so this doesn't seem to be the cause.

If you want you can also reproduce the problem yourself, the server allows anonymous logins. The directory name H54626891 keeps on changing, but you can pick another random directory.


Re: Cannot download linked files over FTP

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Cannot download linked files over FTP


I'm using WinSCP 5.5.4 Portable on Windows 7.
I'm trying to download the following file with anonymous login:
Logon and directory listing work, however when right clicking the file and selecting Download, nothing happens, no file is downloaded.

As far as I can see the server is using some weird symlinks, however with Filezilla or Firefox the download works and I receive a 25KB file.

If you need any further information please let me know.