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Re: Invalid access to memory

Thanks for your report.

You are probably a victim of this bug:

I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP to address you have used to register on this forum.

Invalid access to memory

I was trying to connect to one WebDAV server (company, local, based on RHEL/Apache) and got the following error:

Error message:
Invalid access to memory.
Stack trace:
[770DB466] ntdll.dll
[7709012E] ntdll.dll.KiUserExceptionDispatcher
[750E3388] kernel32.dll.BaseThreadInitThunk
[770B9F70] ntdll.dll
[770B9F40] ntdll.dll

[750E3388] kernel32.dll.BaseThreadInitThunk
[770B9F70] ntdll.dll
[770B9F40] ntdll.dll

I am using WinSCP 5.6.2 beta on Windows 7 professional x64.

The remote site is working fine - I can access it using Total Commander's WebDAV plugin or system's "Add network location" function.
FYI - the attached log says that it has read 12 directories and this is the number of directories under that webdav path. The names (edited in the attached log) match the real names.