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Re: User feedback : the F5 key shouldn't trigger a downlooad :(

This issue has been added to the tracker:

Haaa, I see now... Allright, switched to Explorer-like keyboard shortcuts while keeping the Commander interface (for the two views, both local and remote).

Thank you for the clarifications :)

I had picked the interface with the two tabs, local and remote, not even realizing the name of this interface traced back to Norton/Total commander, and simply noticing it was occasionally behaving in a handy although odd manner, haha. That takes me back, I used to ressucitate my windows 3.1 with Norton Commander...

(I'm not seeing a link to edit the post, so I'll write it as a precision, when I write that I didn't customize at all the program : actually, I changed various options when offered to do so in the options panel, but I didn't any option that would be even remotely related to the shortcuts or to how the file lists were handled.)

(edit : and NOW I'm seeing the link to edit my post. That's it, I'm stupid. Sorry -_-)

User feedback : the F5 key shouldn't trigger a downlooad :(

Hello !

Simple feedback from an everyday user of winSCP, I really can't get used to the F5 key triggering a download from the remote source to my local hard disks.

I did NOT try to customize the program in any way (I'm making the precision because F5 triggering a download is not documented in ), F5 is really doing this for me, when I'm in the list of the files in a remote folder, and one of the files is selected, if I hit F5, that file is downloaded to my currently shown in WinSCP local location.

I imagine there must be programs or environments in which F5 is naturally triggering that kind of action, I don't see this shortcut coming out of nowhere and being set as default in winSCP "just like that".

I'm speaking for myself, not knowing at all if I'm an isolated case or a majority, all right ?

Thing is, still, for me, as a Windows user, F5 means Refresh.
And NOT "download this file where it doesn't belong", this has already caused me problems, with files apparently appearing without reason in places where they shouldn't be.

Please, is there a chance F5 may stop triggering a download ? Or, at least, that we can customize this behaviour ?
Thanks if you can think of it :)